UnASM on “European Researchers Night "

The University of  Academy of Sciences of Moldova was participated on September 25th, 2015 on “European Researchers Night ". A true celebration of science had been offered by students, have been prompted many curiosities and offered scientific explanations about the wonderful world around.

Guided by the dean of Natural Sciences, Ms Daniela Elenciuc along with students presented the diversity of plant cell to microscope, their nucleus, potato leucoplasters. Visitors received promotional materials and were able to score a ruffle with prizes.

The disciples from the Department of Physics and Chemistry have enjoyed a remarkable interest (Idrisova Aina, Podgornîi Daniel acre Sergiu, Isaac Eugenia) who present a series of chemical experiments “Pharaon serpent”,  “Vulcan at home”, “Blood without injury”, “emergence invisible writing”, ”Toothpaste for elephants”.

Students of Human social Sciences department also showed in an interactive and exciting activity from visitors, that have convinced the public that scientific research have its contribution to the progress of humanity.

It also presented a recent years  science - didactic book exhibition of UnASM collaborators and have watched some promotional films about university activity.
We congratulate the team that made the magnet- moment   for visitors in edition of 2015 of this event, managed to disseminate fun science and learning!