Rector of UnASM at the age of accomplishments

A good professor have to always learn, Science gives you the courage to think freely, University must create opportunities for each student, these are just some of the statements that reveal the belief and the value system of Maria DUCA, rector of UnASM.
Maria Duca is one of the few women academicians from Moldova who equally managed to be an eminent professor beloved by students, a scientist recognized in the country and abroad, a very good colleague and mentor, an excellent manager, a perfect organizer of numerous national and international academic manifestations, a true leader.
Throughout her career she has achieved with vision, responsibility and selfless the mission of training scientists in the spirit of values and principles she constantly promotes.
The qualities of visionary administrator of Maria Duca have materialized fully in building up the University of ASM. Overcoming obstacles and administrative barriers, the university, launched when higher education goes through a period of uncertainty, manages to gain weight and to emerge as a competitive institution in which education perfectly combines with research. The appreciation that University of ASM has today is the result of the effort of the team led by Maria Duca for almost a decade for recognition in the academic world in the country and abroad.
As a professor, she went through all the hierarchical levels, accumulating an exceptional experience, demonstrating a high quality of teaching courses and a rare pedagogical mastery. Concerned about the progress quality in staff training, she created the methodological concept of Molecular Biology specialty and has initiated the development of Bioinformatics studies in the Republic of Moldova. As a support for students and young biologists, she has published numerous guides, course materials, tests and compilations of test and issues.
As a scientist, she elaborated an essential work in the field of genetics and plant physiology, and formed in this way a genuine scientific School. Highly responsive to the world science tendencies she accepts the diversification of scientific objectives, supports new ideas and stimulates the interest and confidence of young researchers in their own forces, developing, with dedication and altruism, biology science for the society benefit. In the nearly four decades of scientific research she has published as author and co-author over 360 scientific papers, including 18 books and monographs, 33 methodical works and brochures, 175 scientific articles in journals and compilations, has participated with reports and communications at over 65 congresses, conferences, sessions, seminars and symposiums in the country as well as at international scientific events.
As a public personality, she selflessly implied in various expertise and consultancy activities that allowed her to highlight her scientific, didactic and managerial competence.
Energetic and tenacious, she has proved that authority and responsibility can and must be duplicated by generosity and soul distinction, she always has known how to encourage her subordinates and colleagues to persevere and to achieve success. Erudition, tact, objectivity and responsible attitude to the subordinates emphasizes the managerial qualities of Maria Duca, the rector who managed to consolidate around her a competitive team, willing to work together for the prosperity of University of ASM.
Having reached the age accomplishments, the academician Maria Duca remains a model of professionalism, dedication, humility and courage for the subordinates and disciples who wishes her, with much consideration and warmth,