Senate office

SENATE’S BUREAU, ensures operative management of the university. The establishment, powers and the activity of the Bureau of the University Senate and the Board of Directors shall be governed by the University Senate .


  • Ensures operative administration of the university
  • Ensure that the Senate's decisions and solve problems arising in the period between meetings of the Senate
  • Submit to the Senate for approval proposals for establishment / closing of faculties , departments , set up some committees focused on specific issues and subject to Senate’s vote their nominal composition
  • Senate proposes the conduct of the entrance examination and the number of students for next year
  • Proposes  Senate for approval granting titles " Doctor Honoris Causa " and " Professore Honorificum "
  • Examine and propose Senate for approval granting of honors , awards and prizes staff , students, PhD students for particular scientific activity ; development of textbooks , monographs , teaching materials , etc.
  • Convene the University Senate and Board of Directors in ordinary and extraordinary meetings
  • Presents the Senate for approval all internal regulations
  • Informs their and University’s senate decisions the academic community
  • Uses the stamp of the University ( rector and vice-rectors only ) in accordance with the legal provisions


  • Maria Duca, Rector, Academician of ASM, University Professor.
  • Clapco Steliana, PhD, Associate Researcher (Scientific Secretary).
  • Angela Port, Vice Rector teaching activities, PhD, Associate Professor.
  • Tatiana Poîng, Vice Rector research and quality management, PhD.
  • Andrian Delinschi, Vice Rector Internationals relations and Informatization, PhD.
  • Ana Erhan Vice Rector Management Issues.