Master’s Degree

The Master’s degree programs are organized according to the principles of the Bologna Process in the institutional framework of three faculties: Natural Sciences, Exact Sciences, Social and Humanitarian Sciences and are represented by full-time studies carried in Romanian. Higher education at the Master’s level is carried out for a total period of 2 years (120 credits), as part of 10 different research focused programs:

Molecular Biology
Environmental Sciences


Mathematics and Informatics
Applied Informatics 
Globalization: history, politics,
European cultures
National Security


The educational process is established in conformity with normative acts of ministries, being accomplished by the Department of Education.

The Master’s Degree studies are funded from the state budget, except for two programs: Applied Informatics and National Security (require a tuition fee).

The curriculum follows the principles provided by the legal norms regarding the temporal organization of the educational process and are related with those of similar specializations at the Bachelor level.

Graduates of the Master’s programs have the opportunity to:

  • continue their studies at the doctorate, gaining cognitive skills in a specialized scientific area;
  • work as scientific researchers research centers or laboratories or in other areas, according to the gained qualification