Internationalization and Communication


Department of International Relations and Informatization coordinates the international collaboration of UnASM and promote the image of the university nationally and internationally, in line with the strategic priorities of UnASM.


Internationalization UnASM is expected to be a distinctive feature of the activities in 2013-2017.

Objectives and strategic programs of action:

  • Integrating international and intercultural dimension in strategic development programs of UnASM;
  • Developing mutually beneficial relationships in higher education and research between UnASM and higher education and research institutions from abroad under bilateral agreements of collaboration and cooperation, including the organization of studies in co-guardianship;
  • Establishing partnerships and participation in educational projects and the development of higher education in the EC programs Tempus, Erasmus Mundus, etc.
  • Promoting academic mobility of students and teachers and research UnASM in EC programs and other programs;
  • Identifying opportunities to increase the number of international students at UnASM;
  • Encouraging the exchange of teachers (professors invited) and researchers with higher education and research institutions from abroad to promote the exchange of ideas and experience;
  • Establishing contacts and expanding cooperation with scientific and educational diaspora;
  • Expanding the geographic area of international activities, including the organization and promotion of online courses;
  • Identifying opportunities for UnASM to join international academic associations.



ungoing development of relationships with universities, institutes and research centers abroad under bilateral cooperation agreements and international programs and projects in the priority areas of activity; promoting and facilitating academic mobility of students, masters, PhD, professors and researchers.


creating through advanced communication technologies, an effective medium for disseminating information on academic life, the education, the facilities of UnASM, etc. to create an open educational space and enhance the quality of academic training; organization and promotion of online courses.