Staff and Logistics

Stuff and Logistics Division develops, coordinates and apply policies on human potential, performs the stationery and archive activities, assist entire staff of the university in literacy, monitors rational use of University property, conduct procurement and supply activities and other services necessary for efficient activity of subdivisions of the UnASM.


Human resources

  • Promotion and implementation of an efficient management of human resources within the university;
  • Personnel records, employment office, transfer and release of staff;
  • Drawing materials for participation in competitions involving vacancies in teaching and research staff member;
  • Staff consultation on issues related to the application of labor law;
  • Preparation and record personal files of the employees of the institution;
  • Records, work records retention and completion;
  • Preparation, drafting and issuance of certificates;
  • Social protection of personnel;
  • Prepare and issue orders concerning staff;
  • Track delegations;
  • Establishment of contractual allowances (seniority, stability, specialty, etc.);
  • Documentation of retirement;
  • Track vacancies and centralization of staffing requests;
  • Preparing statements and statistical records for ministry;
  • Calculating annual leave, sick leave, etc.

Chancellery and archive

  • Accounting and circulation of internal documents.
  • Recording, sorting, dispatch, distribution of mail.
  • Developing and updating the archive.
  • Organizing archival repository, archival works.
  • Selection and disposal of documents.


  • Technical maintenance of the building and household balance found in the University.
  • Coordination and achievement of construction plans, and current repairs of buildings.
  • Elaboration of documentation of estimate and projecting.
  • Organization and monitoring of supply and distribution of materials and other goods to UnASM subdivisions.
  • Control of rational use of material resources, electricity, heating, water and sanitation, are in balance of university.
  • Organizing and monitoring activities (procedures) of public procurement;
  • monitoring compliance with the rules of labor protection and technical security, fire safety;
  • coordination of activities on land and greening of the territory.




In accordance with Regulation on how to occupy vacant teaching positions in higher education institutions, approved by Government Decision no. 854 of 21 September 2010, the Senate UnASM announces competition for filling teaching positions: Additional information tel. (022) 73 74 37.