Academic mobility

The quality and significance of studies derives from strengthening the cooperation at local and international levels, in particular from ensuring the access to educational resources of other countries.


  • promote the image of university nationwide and abroad;
  • adjust training services to the demands of local and international labour markets;
  • integrate curricula and syllabuses with scientific research in the context of development of knowledge based society;
  • life-long learning via forming efficient and sustainable partnerships between the academic environment, scientific environment and business environment;
  • promote transparency, compatibility of studies and qualifications with a view to facilitating academic mobility.



Record keeping and mobility of students

  • developing regulations and instructions on conducting the admission to university;
  • conducting admission to higher education programs, both undergraduate and Master’s degree programs;
  • coordination and implementation of promotion activities of educational offer (presentations to high school students, Open Doors days, on-line contests “A pupil today – a student tomorrow”, informative material, posters, fliers, banners etc.);
  • drafting orders for registration of students for the cycle 1 and 2, for passing of exams and admission to final exams/defending of master’s papers;
  • review and organize the transfer, recruitment, expulsion, academic leave, providing incentives for students or applying sanctions;
  • developing statistical reports (graduation, finding jobs on the labour market, etc.)

Academic mobility of students

  • identification of projects/programs for mobility, dissemination of information;
  • management of database of university partners;
  • conducting and monitoring of mobility program implementation;
  • counseling for students who apply for the mobility programs;
  • developing and implementing monitoring mechanism for activities of students involved in mobility programs.

For additional information on academic mobility programs and opportunities please refer to Department for International Relations and IT, office 10 or Department for Studies, office 15.