Department of Humanities

The Department of Humanities has a valuable intellectual potential, which provides fundamental training in the field of Romanian language and literature, combined with the study of the English language, which provides a wider openness to the horizons of knowledge, multilingual and pluricultural communication, etc. A priority objective of the Department is to train students in scientific research, a possible mission thanks to the fruitful collaboration with the Institute of Philology, ASM. Research skills are formed, including through meetings with outstanding personalities of Romanian culture, through participation in various scientific events, organized both within the USDC and in other institutions in the country or abroad. The Department encourages the work of the literary-linguistic circle, engaging students in various NGOs and volunteer activities, in order to develop organizational skills, teamwork, civic responsibility, etc.

Graduates of the Humanities Department can take on the most diverse functions: researchers, philologists, linguists, translators, editors, literary reviewers, counselors, teachers, state officials, etc.





Stela Spînu

associate professor,
head of the Department