Bioinformatics – the technology key in the XXIst century

Bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary field, that has a rapid evolution and is based on usage of complex computing analyzes and computer simulations for research of biomedical data.

In this context, on the 1st of July 2016, the participants in the Summer Biology Camp, students, master students and researchers from the UnASM Center of Functional Genetics applied bioinformatics methods to identify genes of interest, analyzed protein and nucleic acid sequences and compared a series of ways to search and use scientific information from databases and specialized magazines within the training Implementation of ICT tools in research.

The event was organized by the Bioinformatics team of UnASM within the Continuous staff training programme in the scientific institutes of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, offering the opportunity to achieve new knowledge about the processes of search, extraction, classification, storage and processing of biological data, as well as about their visualization and representation. The practical activities were completed by discussions during which it was found that the field progresses with extraordinary speed aspect and represents an aspect of high intensity and interest in the process of research-development-innovation.

The analysis of evaluation sheets applied at the course showed that participants were pleased with the level of the training organization that was "well planned", "organized at a high level" and "the current presentation has been up-to-date and useful". At the same time, an important aspect was "the opportunity of using computers with internet access" in order to accomplish practical tasks proposed by the organizers.

Training Programme