Prince Radu of Romania – Doctor Honoris Causa of the University of Academy of Sciences of Moldova

His Royal Highness Prince Radu of Romania received the title of Doctor Honoris Causa of the University of Academy of Sciences of Moldova. Awarding ceremony of symbols of Doctor Honoris Causa was held on 28 September 2015 at the Central Scientific Library "Andrei Lupan" (Institute). At the ceremony were present the leadership of the Academy of Sciences, Minister of Education Corina Fusu, the Romanian Ambassador to Moldova Marius Lazurcă, Chairman of the parliamentary committee of Culture, Education, Research, Youth, Sports and Media, c.m. Vladimir Hotineanu, Chisinau mayor, Dorin Chirtoaca, leadership and members of the Senate of the University of Academy of Sciences, scientists, directors of research institutes, graduate and postgraduate students, high school pupils.
Honorary title was awarded to His Highness in a show of appreciation and gratitude for promoting moral values and authentic cultural cooperation and to strengthen the Moldovan-Romanian relations.
The festive ceremony was chaired by Rector of UnASM, Acad. Maria Duca. In his speech Rector noted exceptional opportunity, many-sided memorable dedicated to awarding the title and symbols of Doctor Honoris Causa to HRH Prince Radu of Romania: "We consider fortunate ourselves to have the opportunity to honor an outstanding personality, an emblematic figure that had been manifested in social, cultural, political and scientific life of Romania ".
Laudatio was read by Vice President of ASM, c.m. Ion Guceac, in which it was pointed out that the granting of this title is a recognition of inherent professional value and   hence the scientific prestige of HRH Prince Radu of Romania, after a long career dedicated to promoting the culture and image of Romanians of everywhere, advanced studies in military and application of knowledge to support the entire society.
After he were handed insignia of Doctor Honoris Causa, HRH Prince Radu of Romania thanked UnASM for the honor to confer  the prestigious title, but also all those present at the ceremony. Prince Radu mentioned that the instrument of the institution he represents is continuity, when appearing before a community, be it scientific, be it geographical, come up with a dowry which shall never be due to you, but to a large number of generations from latter, who have nothing left to waste goods, principles and virtues they came together in the existence of the institution, where the Royal House include a century and a half next year.
Just saw His Highness happy accident of the University Academy of Sciences, as a continuum, as a testimony to the fact that the teachers of this school, along with students possess memory, have in their soul perspective efforts sometimes miraculous, extraordinary, unexplainable, that their predecessors they made for us to be here today, so in this way and not otherwise.
"The greater  value of contribution of Academy in Moldova’s life today, how he didn’t  not only comes, it comes with the voice of all predecessors in the world of science and the art world evidently, from education, which strengthened the influence of education, science and arts in Moldovan  contemporary society ", said newly Doctor Honoris Causa.
Prince Radu underlined in his speech the contribution they have made to achieve the ideals of Romanian predecessors. HRH announced the establishment, in 2015, two fellowships of the Royal House intended exclusively for University of Academy of Sciences - "King Ferdinand" Scholarship for an outstanding student and "Queen Mary" Scholarship for an exceptional student girl of the school year 2015- 2016. Scholarships  would be suitable to be received at the Peles Castle in the state hall "because Castle belongs to you and is your equally", there would be nice name Kings Ferdinand and Queen Maria to resound an evening for Moldova, for her youngest scribes generation.
Prince Radu made a valuable and impressive donation of 450 books to the University of  ASM Library,  volumes that Crown Princess Margareta and His Highness have purchased or received. Books were chosen by fields - history, diplomacy, the arts, science, sports, politics, to sit alongside other volumes of the University. "We read the students will have more influence for the better future of our societies," His Highness said.
On the occasion of conferring the honorary title to His Royal Highness also spoke, Corina Fusu,  the Minister of Education, chair of the Parliamentary, Culture, Education, Research, Youth, Sports and Media, c.m. Vladimir Hotineanu and Rectors Council Chairman, Acad. Gregory Belostecinic.

After the ceremony, Prince Radu of Romania visited the Academy of Sciences Library, then went to the University of Academy of Sciences, where he planted a linden tree in the Linden Alley. "It's the black earth that I saw, I almost didn’t believe it. Consider it a symbol, other than truth. It is suitable season for plants and the suitable tree. Eminescu's linden tree in Chisinau now has a little brother, "said His Highness.