International Scientific Conference of PhD Students "Trends in the development of contemporary science: visions of young researchers", Fourth Edition

On March 10, 2015 the International Scientific Conference of PhD Students called „Contemporary trends of science development: visions of young researchers" occurred. The Conference was conducted by the University of Academy of Science of Moldova in conjunction with the PhD schools within the educational-scientific Cluster UnivER – SCIENCE.
This is the first event organized within the eight PhD schools which have been established via the Decree of Supreme Council for Science and Technological Development  No. 210 dated 25.09.14.
The event joined together over 150 young reserachers: 105 PhD students represent the PhD schools within Academy of Sciences, 35 – higher educational institutions in the country (USM, UTM, ASEM, ULIM, UST, AMAP), 17 participants represented the institutions from abroad (University „Alexandru Ioan Cuza” from Iasi, University ”Dunarea de Jos” (Lower Danube), Galati, Institutions from Slovenia, Poland, Belarus).
The Conference aimed at setting and institutionalizing a platform for communication, exchange of ideas, scientific concepts as well as research results obtained by the participants with a view to promoting principles of modern science, interdisciplinary approach, systemizing and synthesis.
In this context, the papers of the International Scientific Conference have been divided in two sessions. The first was the plenary session, during which 10 reports were delivered addressing general issues of scientific knowledge, perspectives and trends for implementation of outputs and advanced methods from various areas of research. The second session was for posters and workshops by PhD schools for each field separately. During this session the participants had the opportunity to provide and approach real issues related to specific research topic.
The event was attended by the Chairman of the ASM, acad. Gheorghe Duca, First Deputy Chairman of ASM, Ion Tighineanu, Deputy Chairman of ASM, cor. Member Ion Guceac, Chairman of Council of Academicians, acad. Teodor Furdui, directors and secretaries of PhD Schools, research institute directors, PhD coordinators.

The works of the Conference have been published as a collection of work-papers called “Contemporary trends of science development: visions of young researchers”.