On February 27-28, 2015, The University of Academy of Science of Moldova in cooperation with the Political „Ion Conea”, Romania;the Geographical and Ethnological Association EGEA-Moldovaand the Institute for Environmental Protection and Geography of ASM have organized the SCIENTIFIC SEMINAR entitled GEOPOLITICS OF CURRENT”.
The special guest of the seminar was Prof. Dr. col. (r) Vasile Simileanu, Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest, Director of GeoPolitica magazine (Political Geography Journal, GeoPoliticsand GeoStrategy), Bucharest, Romania.
As part of the seminar, several aspects were discussed of the theory of conflicts, especially the asymmetrical and frozen conflicts. It was mentioned that together with the evolution of globalization, a wide-spread phenomenon emerges, terrorism. 
During the seminar, a thorough discussion regarding the methods of fighting terrorism, reasons of terrorism, and of its direct effects on mankind.The following participants took part in the discussion: dr.hab. V. Juc, dr. D. Lozovanu, dr. V. Gaiciuc, former Minister of Defence; V. Marinuța, former Minister of Defence; dr. I. Bucataru, Head of Department, Moldova State University, dr., A. Daniliuc, Military Academy of Armed Forces “Alexandru cel Bun”.

Person in charge: Head of Philosophy Department, History and Methodology of Research
Dr. hab. Bobînă Gheorghe