Psycho-pedagogical Module

In order to offer the students the possibility of transitioning into the field of pre-university education as pedagogical staff, additionally to teaching by research, the State University "Dimitrie Cantemir" offers training via a psycho-pedagogical module consisting of 60 credits (30 credits for theoretical training and 30 credits for a compulsory pedagogical internship).
In the framework of the international project TEMPUS Student Active Learning in Science (SALiS), the analytical program of the series of SALiS lectures was developed for the first time in Moldova. The aim of this program is to develop pedagogical skills that would allow students to identify efficient ways of transmitting knowledge, using a minimum of material resources that are easily accessible in gymnasiums and lyceums.
The assessment of the formed teaching skills (pedagogical internship) is accomplished within the framework of activities at the State University "Dimitrie Cantemir" and the Lyceum of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova.
Information related to the successful completion of the psycho-pedagogical module is included in the Diploma Supplement.

Curriculum of psycho-pedagogical module training