Mathematics and Information Science

The Doctoral School was established by the Decision of the Supreme Council for Science and Technological Development no. 210 from 25.09.2014..
The basic principles of operation of the Doctoral School:

  • equal and fair access to doctoral studies for each person who meets the requirements for enrolling;
  • ensuring the quality of the doctoral studies by carrying assessment procedures and periodical improvement of the study programs;
  • ensuring the quality and transparency of the process of guiding and assessing PhD students.

The form of organization: a partnership involving the University of the Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Sciences of ASM and the Tiraspol State University (Department of Mathematics).

The Management of The Doctoral School

      The Council of the Doctoral School consisting of 13 members.

Mitrofan Ciobanu

university professor

Elvira Naval

Scientific secretary,
PhD in economics,
Associate research professor


PhD supervisors

ARNAUTOV Vladimir, academician
MIŞCOI Gheorghe, academician
CIOBANU Mitrofan, academician
GAINDRIC Constantin, corresponding member of ASM
VULPE Nicolae, corresponding member of ASM
CALIN Iurie, habilitated doctor
COJOCARU Svetlana, habilitated doctor
LOZOVANU Dmitrii, habilitated doctor
POPA Mihail, habilitated doctor
ȘUBĂ Alexandu, habilitated doctor
CHIRIAC Liubomir, habilitated doctor
CALMUŢCHI Laurenţiu, habilitated doctor
COZMA Dumitru, habilitated doctor
BOIAN Elena, PhD
CIUBOTARU Constantin, PhD


  • Algebra and Topology
  • Differential Equations
  • Mathematical modeling
  • Programming systems
  • Information systems

Research methods

  • Performance computing systems
  • Symbolic computing systems
  • Scientific text editing systems
  • Computational graphics
  • Decision support systems
  • Methods of qualitative study of two-dimensional dynamical system
  • Methods of algebraic differential equations