Training for the researchers in humanities

On 16/09/2015, 11:30 in the Senate Hall in a training program was held  the course “The International Management Project in humanistic sciences”. The course relied on the continuation and improvement of quality of knowledge in the field of documentation, research and implementation of projects.

The trainer of this course, PhD., Univ. Prof. Otilia Hedeşan, vice rector of the West University of Timişoara, specified opportunities offered by the European programs in humanistic sciences, and the risks and difficulties of a cultural project management.
As training anthropologist, Ms. PhD, Otilia Hedeşan, wanted to talk about the importance of anthropological and ethnographic research, including multiethnic areas importance of participation in research projects and participation in seminars doctoral studies.

The course was attended by researchers from the Institutes of ASM, as follows: Institute of Philology, Institute of History, Institute of Cultural Heritage, including masters and post graduated students of  UnASM.