Practical training

The practical training (3rd semester) associated with the thesis related project is carried out in the laboratories of the State University "Dimitrie Cantemir", the specialized institutes of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, in commercial institutions and enterprises  whose activity areas are relevant for the Master’s program. The scientific supervisor of the Master’s thesis oversees the activities of the Master student in selecting the research area and the scientific topic, in defining the aims and objectives of the project, in planning the experiences and analyzing the methodology used during the elaboration of the thesis.
During the training, Master students which are familiarized with the main directions of research (by means of the Technological and research development course), learn the methods and equipment used in laboratories, carry the documenting activities (theoretical and applicative) and the actual research.
The training ends with the preparation of the Master’s thesis, which is a scientific work on a problem within a narrow research area and which includes: the actuality of the selected topic, the aims and the objectives, a review of the literature relevant for the topic, a description of the research methods, the obtained results, the conclusions and the used bibliography.
The Master’s thesis is presented publicly, through an oral communication of about 7-10 minutes, in front of the Committee for Master’s thesis defense.
The skills of the Master students are assessed based on the following criteria: the quality of the argumentation to support the actuality of the topic, the theoretical and practical significance of the work, the degree of achievement of the set aim and objectives, the quality and complexity of the research methodology, the quality of the thesis manuscript and of the public presentation, the ability to answer additional questions.