The Curriculum

The content of the study programs is established by the Curriculum, elaborated and updated according to the requirements of The Framework Plan for higher education (The MET decree of the Republic of Moldova, nr. 455 from 03.06.2011), of the Regulation regarding the organization of higher education studies based on the National System of Study Credits (The ME decree nr. 727 from 20.09.2010), of the Regulation related to carrying out the Master’s Degree studies, 2nd cycle, approved by the Government decision nr. 1455 from 24.12.2007, approved by the Senate of the State University "Dimitrie Cantemir", the Supreme Council for Science and Technological Development and the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Moldova.

Catalogue of courses (analytical programs):

Molecular Biology
Environmental Sciences
Mathematics and Informatics
Applied Informatics
Globalization: history, politics, European cultures
National Security