Department of Mathematics and Informatics

The training of competitive professionals for the specialties MATHEMATICS and COMPUTER SCIENCE derives from requests of businesses regarding the need for employment of specialists with skills in basic and applied mathematics adequate to the requirements of the time. 

The graduates of these two specialties have the opportunity to work within the research institutes, organizations dealing with issues related to this field, and will have the right to teach subjects related to mathematics within the secondary education level and university institutions (upon condition that the psychology and teaching module was passed).

The teaching process within the Department is organized according to curricula (graduate studies and master’s degree program), while teaching staff, scholars and researchers with extensive experience of the Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science under the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Moldova and other university centers, are involved in teaching and training highly qualified specialists who will be able to become integrated in various branches of market economy.    

The areas of research are focused on differentiated equations, topological algebra, quasigroups and combinatorial analysis, mathematical logic, theoretical basics of information systems, formal models of computation, information systems in computational algebra etc.




Corlat Andrei

associate professor,
head of the Department

Olenețchi Ana


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