Department of Languages and Literatures

The Department for Foreign Languages is endowed with valuable intellectual potential that offers major knowledge in the area of Romanian language and literature, in conjunction with study of English language, which fact ensures a more extensive access towards horizons of knowledge, multilingual and multicultural communication etc. One of the priority objectives of the Department is to involve students in scientific research, mission that is possible due to fruitful cooperation with the Institute for Philology, ASM. The skills necessary for the research are developed by inviting and meeting significant personalities of Romanian culture, by participating in various scientific events, organized within the University of Academy of Sciences as well as other local and foreign institutions. The Department encourages the activity of the Literary and Linguistic Club, involvement of students within various NGOs and voluntary work, with a view to developing organizational skills, team-work, civil responsibility.

The graduates of the Department for Languages and Literature can be employed for different jobs: researchers, philologists, linguists, translators, publishers, editors, literary assistants, advisors, teachers, civil servants, etc.





Stela Spînu

associate professor,
head of the Department

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