Department of Ecology and Environmental Sciences

The mission of the Department for Ecology and Environmental Sciences is imposed by the high degree of vulnerability for the natural factors, the importance of geographical and environmental information for the economy of Moldova and is focused on the training of highly qualified staff in the area of ecology, geography and environment protection – a prerogative which is essential for the accomplishment of “Economy via ecology”.

The extensive scientific and teaching work experience of the academic staff within the Department ensures the training of qualified staff able to use technical and practical media specific for investigation of the most critical and most current environmental issues

The academic staff develops analytical programs and course books for the undergraduate study subjects for the following majors: ECOLOGY and GEOGRAPHY. Also, the Department offers ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES master’s program with the goal to extend the knowledge in the field.

The scientific research work of undergraduate students and masters’ degree students is carried out within the ASM institutes specialized by area of research, within the University Center of Molecular Biology as well as other institutes with common area of research.




Ilie Boian

associate professor,
head of the Department

Mariana Roșca


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